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The Ten Steps of Positive Ageing

The book for those who want to do ageing differently!


This book is probably unlike any other book you have read on ageing.  Rather than looking at diet, exercise and money, which is the usual agenda for such books, The Ten Steps of Positive Ageing concentrates instead on the psychological and emotional aspects of getting older. This ‘inner world’ of ageing is seldom talked or written about – despite the fact that the research clearly indicates that it is our internal thoughts and feelings which principally determine our sense of wellbeing in later life.  The Ten Steps of Positive Ageing is a specially designed workbook, based on solid research evidence, which will help you explore this world.  For those used to self enquiry and personal change in their earlier years, this is just the resource to equip you to develop our own vision of the later life you would ideally like, and improve your health and wellbeing in later life.

“An indispensable guide to planning positively for a happy and fulfilling old age. Wise, inspirational and thought-provoking” 
Celia Dodd, author of Not Fade Away

Well-researched, practical and realistic… Guy Robertson is a splendid tour guide for the journey into later life”
 Anne Karpf, author of How to Age

“This book will help you become more positive and live longer, and better.” 
Sir Muir Gray, author of Sod 70!

The Ten Steps of Positive Ageing by Guy Robertson really got me thinkingAn excellent motivational guide for making small changes that could make a big difference to our attitude and quality of later life”  
Diana Moranthe Green Goddess from Breakfast TV

‘Full of detailed and do-able advice, Guy Robertson’s book gives you more control over your ageing than you ever imagined you could have.”
Louise Ansari, author of When we’re 64 and director of communications at The Centre for Ageing Better