The Positive Ageing approach has been developed by Guy Robertson.            

Guy has worked in numerous roles within the field of ageing for over a quarter of a century and is a passionate proponent of the need to develop more positive approaches to ageing.  He was Head of Strategic Planning for Older and Disabled adults in a large urban Social Services Department, headed up a £60m Government prevention programme designed to improve the lives of older people, was Editor of the academic journal ‘Working with Older People’, and produced a major scoping study of Transitions in Later Life for the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.  

A major feature of his later work has been to examine the psychological and emotional aspects of ageing and to press for these dimensions of older people’s lives to be given more prominence in both policy and practice.  He has made numerous presentations on the philosophy and practice of positive ageing and has developed and delivered a range of personal development workshops to enable people to incorporate these principles into their lives.

He is on the Management Group of the Campaign to End Loneliness and is also a bereavement counsellor and life coach. He is married, has two grown up children and divides his time between Bristol and Cornwall.

Articles and Publications by Guy Robertson

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