MY REQUEST AT 90 – Giovanna Bloor

When I am a-dying,

I do not wish to dwell

On topics dark and morbid,

Of doom and gloom,

Of wars or riots,

Of barrel bombs or ISIS.

Do not tell me of tonight’s news,

Of yet more carnage.


When I am a-dying,

Feed me quince jelly

On a silver spoon

Its unique sweetness will

Help me remember the

Glorious things of life.


Sunrise, sunset,

The warmth of a new laid egg.

Swimming naked in a mountain pool,

When we were young.

Tides, shells. And sand

Between the toes.


The smell of new baked bread,

Asparagus soup.

The baby toad on our doorstep.

Children playing.

Smiles, hugs and massage,

And having my hair stroked.

And many millions more.


When I am a-dying,

Feed me quince

On a silver spoon,

So I may remember,

Only the world’s sweetness.


(Thanks to Lucy Margetts for the inspiration for this poem – the gift of a little pot of quince jelly, one of the wonders of this world!)