Positive Ageing is an approach to getting older which recognises how our thoughts, beliefs, ideas, attitudes can have a significant impact on physical and emotional wellbeing as we age. If our attitudes about ageing infected by negative ageist stereotypes, then our later life is likely to suffer. Alternatively, if we are able to genuinely cultivate more positive attitudes then the research shows that we are likely to live healthier, happier and longer.

Getting older has a very ‘bad press’, and most people would rather not think about it.  However, a Positive Ageing approach believe that we can benefit by doing the opposite – by facing up to the reality of our ageing.  By doing this we can begin to see the new possibilities that this phase in our life can bring.

Positive Ageing focuses on the emotional and psychological aspects of ageing and we believe that there are a number of personal development techniques which can help us all develop more resilience and strengthen our sense of choice and control over how our later life develops.

Publication date
March 2020

The philosophy and practice of Positive Ageing is outlined in detail in Guy Robertson’s new book The Ten Steps of Positive Ageing.

This website aims to promote the positive ageing approach through sharing the research evidence and other helpful resources so that others may integrate this approach into their lives and improve their chances of having a much better later life.

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Ageing is inevitable – growing old in mind and attitude is optional!