Positive Ageing Workshops

The Positive Ageing Workshopdeveloping positive outcomes in later life

Ageing has a really bad press, but is it really as bad as much of the media makes out? And is there anything that we can do to make our later years happier and healthier?  Research in the field of positive psychology and social gerontology has demonstrated that how we feel about our ageing process can have a very significant influence on it. If we approach it negatively – we are likely to have some pretty poor outcomes. If we develop a more positive mindset and approach however, the evidence is clear that we are much more likely to live healthier and happier lives in old age.

The Positive Ageing Workshop is a new resource for organisations, companies or communities. It will give you and your colleagues a much better understanding of the realities of ageing and equip you with the tools to navigate this stage in life in the best possible way. This course is not about pension planning or how to occupy your leisure time – these can be found anywhere. Instead, this course breaks new ground; this course gets to the heart of the matter. It helps people look at the emotional dimensions of ageing – what does it feel like and how can you make the best of it.

On completion of this course you and your colleagues will have:-

  • A better understanding of ageing – the myths and the realities
  • Explored your own deeper thoughts and feelings about your impending old age
  • Learned a range of practical and well evidenced techniques to improve your choices and wellbeing in later life

The course is available as a half-day or 1-day structure.

Half day workshop

  • Personal discovery – exploring your attitude to ageing
  • The science of positive ageing – busting the myths about later life.
  • How to age well – resilience & well-being

One day workshop.

  • Personal discovery – exploring your attitude to ageing
  • The science of positive ageing – busting the myths about later life.
  • Building resilience to overcome the disadvantages of old age
  • Optimism practices to challenge pessimism and grow our confidence in later life
  • Emotional well-being – how to feel positive as we age
  • Positive directions – future planning to realise the potential of our later years

1 to 1 coaching support can be offered as an adjunct to help plan for a positive future and realise the potential of our later years.

For companies, communities or organisations wishing to find out more about the course and how they might commission it for their own colleagues contact info@positiveageing.org.uk